Sinan Bertrand was born in Ankara, Turkey in 1977.
After high school and a baccalaureate obtained in Cairo, he moved to Paris. Trained at the school of Jean-Louis Martin Barbaz, Studio-Theater, he worked under the direction of, among others, Roman Polanski, Jean-Michel Ribes, Alfredo Arias, Vincent Goethals, Olivier Bénezech, Marion Bierry, Jean-Luc Revol, Agnes Boury, Marcel Marshal, Philippe Calvario, Stéphan Druet and Vincianne Regattieri.
He is also directed by Laurent Bénégui (“La Nouvelle Blanche Neige”, France 2) by Joel Hopkins (“The Love Punch”) and Vincent Thomas (the “Versailles” series on Canal +).
For the last twenty years, he has been playing numerous musical shows: “Phi-Phi” (1997), “Hair” (Mogador 1998), “Ali Baba” (Zenith 2000) “Hair & West Side Story” (Hall of Fame). grains 2003), “Creatures” (2004), “Concha Bonita” (Best Musical Show in Italy in 2004), “The Cabaret of Lost Men” (Molière Best Actor and Best Musical Show in 2007), “The Burlesque Review” with Dita Von Teese at the Casino de Paris (2009), “The Night of Elliot Fall” (Twentieth Theater, 2010), “Rene the Edgy” (Rond-Point, 2011) but also “The Bourgeois Gentleman”, “Romeo & Juliet “(2012 Angers Festival Prize), and in 2014: “Le Legs” by Marivaux, and “Sweeney Todd” by Sondheim. In 2015, he is Herbert Von Krolock in “The Vampire Ball” at the Theater Mogador (Stage Entertainment). The following season, he sings for the magazine “Imagine” at the Royal Palace in Kirrwiller in Alsace, and then participates in the creation (at the Bussang festival) of “Lady First” Sedef Ecer. In January 2018, he is on the stage of the Toulon Opera for the creation of Bernstein’s “Wonderful Town”.


Adrien Ouaki studied at the International Dance Academy in Paris, graduating at the age of 21. He perfected his knowledge of contemporary dance by participating in workshops with choreographers such as Hofesh Shechter, Wim Vandekeybus, Ohad Naharin, Crystal Pite…
In recent years, Adrien has worked for several companies and productions in France and abroad, such as “1789 The Lovers of the Bastille” with Giuliano Peparini, Ezio Schiavulli Company, at the Théâtre du Châtelet with Raphael Boitel, at the Dutch National Opera with Itzik Galili and Belgium during Franco Dragone & Giuliano Peparini’s latest project “Nutcracker”.
Recently, he created his own company and created in collaboration with his partner Aurore Mettray the piece “A Nous Ou A Jamais” which debuted in July 2017 during the Summer Dance of Tarbes.
He is also passionate about video and makes his own short films like “Dust Of Life”, “Contact”, “The Line” and his latest “Wild” which will be welcomed at many festivals around the world: San Francisco, Chile, London, Lisbon, Finland, Spain. “The Line” received the Best Film Award at the Bucharest International Dance Film Festival.


Professional dancer, acrobat, singer and graphic artist, Gabriele Beddoni is a multi-faceted artist.
In 2013, he played priest Giovanni and Prince Paride in Guiliano Peparini’s “Romeo e Giulietta, Ama e Cambia il Mondo”. In 2014, he arrives in the final of “Tu si vales”, the Italian equivalent of “France has incredible talent”.
The French discover him in “The Legend of King Arthur”, a show by Dove Attia, also directed by Giuliano Peparini
In 2016 and 2017, he participates in the Italian programs “House Party” and “Amici”.
In December 2017, Gabriele took on the role of Drossel Meyer in partnership with Mehdi Baki in Franco Dragone’s “Nutcracker”, staged and choreographed by Giuliano Peparini at Forest National in Brussels.


Jocelyn Laurent, 29, was trained as a professional dancer by tutors from different backgrounds and disciplines, which gave him a unique pathway.
He started dancing at the age of 11 with jazz, classical and hip hop. At 16, the pieces of Pina Bausch, Dominique Bagouet and Merce Cunningham fascinated him and give him a deeper vision of dance and particularly of his writing.
During his studies, he is fortunate to be able to complete his practice through theory with speakers from Maguy Marin, Pina Bausch and also to discover improvisation and dance-contact.
Realising his desire to become a professional dancer, he went to Paris to improve and complete his training.
He became a dancer in the companies The Baraka of Abu Lagraa, Revolution of Anthony Egéa then obtained a role of dancer for the musicals “Resiste” choreographed by Marion Motin and “Saturday Night Fever” choreographed by Malik Lenost.


Olivier Mathieu discovered breakdance and capoeira in 1997.
Self-taught in hiphop dance technique, graduated from business school (INSEEC Paris), he started in 2004 a career of interpreter with contemporary professional companies.
In creation with Sébastien Lefrancois, David Drouard, Philipe Jamet and Wim Vandekeybus, he experiences the scene physically and theatrically, around the world.
Since 2012, he has shared artistically with Giuliano Peparini: embodying characters on the musicals “1789, the Lovers of the Bastille” and “The Legend of King Arthur”; participating in his choreographic and staging work on the Italian show “Amici”.
In 2016, he joined Pietragalla and Daniel Mesguich for the adaptation of “Lorenzaccio” by Musset.


Brahem Aiache was born on August 11, 1989 in Algeria.

From an early age, he was interested in sports. He trained to be a professional footballer, but at age 11, he’s injured during a game. Suffering from a torn shin, he is taken to the hospital where he is the victim of a medical error. The infection spreads too quickly in his gangrene leg, doctors have no choice but to amputate.
After meeting other people with disabilities, Brahem bounced back and did not get discouraged. At first, he considered playing football in the disabled category but he finally started swimming where he quickly reached the level of professionals. He also practiced the pommel horse.
One day, as the Hip Hop Style Dance group was rehearsing in front of his house, he decided to go over and ask them if he could train with them. After four months he reached their level and follows his first battle.
Numerous shows and television appearances followed: the “Panafrican” with Kamel Ouali, “Orphée”, with the Montalvo-Hervieu Company at the Théâtre National de Chaillot, the “Imagine Now” festival, “Dracula, love stronger than death” again with Kamel Ouali, “France Has an Incredible Talent” with Abkari Saitouli, then its Arabic equivalent, “Arab Got Talent”, “Amici” with Giuliano Peparini, “The Legend of King Arthur” by Dove Attia.


Grégoire Malandain, born in Paris, first trained at the International Dance Academy and then studied at the Higher National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Lyon.

At the end of his third year, he joined the Belgian company Ultima Vez and linked up with Wim Vandekeybus with whom he worked for two years. At the same time, he met Giuliano Peparini to dance on the program “Amici” in Rome for two consecutive years.

aurore mettray

Aurore Mettray

Aurore Mettray started dancing in 2009, where she joined the Académie Internationale de la Danse in Paris. After 3 years, she graduated and went first to musicals. She then has the opportunity to work with great directors / choreographers such as Giuliano Peparini and Martino Muller.
Thanks to these different projects, she meets many artists who humanly and artistically bring her into the world of the contemporary.
She then decides to train through intensive workshops in several companies such as Hofesh Shechter, David Zambrano, Wim Wandekeybus, Fighting Monkey, etc. to perfect her technique on the ground.
She joined her first company in 2014 alongside Blanca Li in the show “Robot”.
In 2017, she joined Zemmourballet for the creation “La Brisure des Vases”. In parallel, she created her first choreographic project “À Nous Ou À Jamais” in collaboration with Adrien Ouaki.

Théo Legros-Lefeuvre

Théo Legros-Lefeuvre comes from Normandy from a Franco-Malagasy father and a Breton mother.

He spent his first years in French Guiana. A radical but obvious change is pushing his parents to settle in the Swiss countryside. He is fortunate to have access to cultural and artistic education through musicals, violins, and improvisation. At 13, he discovered a school of circus and theatre mixing artistic and corporal development while preaching respect for animals. Always supported in his project and his head filled with ideas, he left the family cocoon on his 15th birthday to join the National School of Circus Châtellerault where he discovered the Chinese pole and acrobatics. He later joined the École de Cirque de Québec where the versatility of the disciplines perfected his training.

Louis Boniface

Louis Boniface was born in the Paris region in 1997. A former high-level gymnast at the Vélizy Hope Center, he decided to leave at the age of 15 in search of new experiences. He discovered the slackline and used his talents as a gymnast to add an acrobatic dimension to this discipline.

He worked with Franco Dragone in 2016 on LA PERLE. He is the first person to perform a triple rotation on a slackline and becomes a European and global reference in slackline.


BBoy Taz is a young 14 year old breakdancer. Since 2012, he has participated in many TV shows: Talentsteet France o, urban track tv, kidtalent TF1, urban talent, TMC Gotodance, ArabGotTalent in Lebanon, Little Big Stars C8, etc.

He has also been seen at the cinema in Melanie Leleu’s “Noyade Interdite” (2015) and Eric Judor’s “Problemos” (2017) and on the stage, in 2017, at the Palais de Tokyo for “Ann Lee & Marcel Tino Sehgal”.

Nils Handtschoenercker

Specialising in Breakdance, Nils began dancing at the age of 6, touring France with his crew “Battle J. Group” and winning several competitions. New to AID (Academy of International Dance) he discovered new approaches to dance: classical, contemporary, modern jazz and also hip hop styles like house, poping and locking.