One could summarise the journey of this great author, composer and performer to an almost uninterrupted collection of successes, between the first prizes, the top 50 hits, sold-out tours, gold and platinum records. Others will prefer to see the humanist commitments, the little phrases – or rather the little phrase – and the few acts of pure bravery like this beautiful photo of Catherine Lara signed Richard Avedon and already -as is in 1980- completely emblematic of his temperament flamboyant and avant-garde. Associated since 1973 with the songwriters Daniel Boublil, Luc Plamondon, Etienne Roda-Gil, PierreGrosz, Alain Lacaux, Elisabeth Anaïs and Jean-Jacques Thibaud, Catherine Lara has not stopped publishing albums, while regularly participating in humanitarian actions like The Restos du Coeur, Sidaction or Sol en Si.
In the year 2000, Catherine released a violin album, “ARAL”, which was a huge success, in the American Billboard. Free, Catherine LARA never really let herself be worn by the times. She has always chosen each collaboration, each musical direction, drawing inspiration from Spain, Africa or the Eastern countries. Each of her compositions, for herself or for all those with whom she has worked, from Barbara to Johnny Hallyday, is a drive to go higher, towards an ever more perfect harmony. A harmony that she now also cultivates every day, because if she is always thirsty for encounters and music, she has also learned how to harvest day after day, small ephemeral happiness that life poses before us.