New successes

In 1994, the success is confirmed with “Prose Combat”, a second album that is also sold outside France, especially in English speaking countries. In June 1997 he released his third opus, “Paradise”, with the reinforcement of production by Philippe Zdar and Boom Bass.
In 1998 he released his first live album, “The turn of the question”, testimony of his stint at Olympia. Solaar returns to the charts in early 2001 with “5th as”. Winning return as he achieves the strongest sales of his career. A new French tour follows, based on an ambitious show.


April 2007: Mc Solaar returns to the news with a new single, tasty titled “Da Vinci Claude”, prelude to a new and 7th studio album, “Chapter 7”. The album will be rewarded with a victory of the music.


Ten years after “Chapter 7”, MC Solaar released a new single on September 1, 2017. Entitled “Sonotone”, it delighted fans as much as critics and entered third place in the top singles the week of its release. This title announces the arrival of the long awaited album by the fans.
MC Solaar released the opus “Géopoétique” on November 3, 2017, more than ten years after “Chapter 7”. The record quickly made its debut in the Top Albums, and the 48-year-old rapper was rewarded with a warm welcome for his return.
In addition to this album, MC Solaar has announced a great tour for the year 2018, which will pass by many French cities.